Dra. Vanda Godinho

Dr. Vanda Godinho graduated as Materials Engineer from the University of Aveiro (Portugal). She has developed her Ph.D. at the Institute of Materials Science of Seville (CSIC-Univ. Seville) and at the University of Bruxelles that was defended in 2011. After this period, she continued as post-doc at the Materials Science Institute of Seville at the NanoMatMicro group, coordinating the PVD laboratory. She has also performed post-doctoral stays at the University of Namur. She has been involved in 4 European funded projects, with experience in managing activities as Research manager and Workpackage leader.

Her research interests are focused on the fabrication of multifunctional nanostructures on demand establishing relationships between the deposition parameters, microstructure, composition and properties. Over the last years her results leaded to new methodology for the deposition of coatings by MS with closed porosity incorporating high amount of stabilized gases.


Relevant Publications

1.A new bottom-up methodology to produce silicon layers with a closed porosity nanostructure and reduced refractive index, Godinho, V.; Caballero-Hernández, J.; Jamon, D.; Rojas, T.C.; Shierholz, R.; García-López, J.; Ferrer, F.J.; Fernández, A.; Nanotechnology, 24 (2013) 275604

2.On the formation of the porous structure in nanostructured a-Si coatings deposited by DC magnetron     sputtering at oblique angles, Godinho, V.; Moskovkin, P.; Alvarez, R.; Caballero-Hernandez, J.; Schierholz, R.; Bera, B.; Demarche, J.; Palmero, A.; Fernandez A., Lucas S.; Nanotechnology, 25 (2014) 355705

3.STEM–EELS analysis reveals stable high density He in nanopores of amorphous silicon coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering, Schierholz, R.; Lacroix, B.; Godinho, V.; Caballero-Hernández, J.; Duchamp, M.; Fernández A., Nanotechnology, 26 (2015) 075703

4.Fabrication of optical multilayer devices from porous silicon coatings with closed porosity by magnetron sputtering, Caballero-Hernandez, J.; Godinho, V.; Lacroix, B.; Jimenez de Haro, M.C.; Jamon, D.; Fernandez, A., Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7(25), (2015) pp 13889–13897

5.Tailor-made preparation of Co-C, Co-B, and Co catalytic thin films using magnetron sputtering: Insights into structure-composition and activation effects for the catalyzed NaBH4 hydrolysis, Paladini, M.; Godinho, V.; Arzac, G.M.; Jimenez de Haro, M.C.; Beltran, A.M.; Fernandez, A., RSC Advances (2016) 6, 108611

6.Characterization and validation of a-Si magnetron-sputtered thin films as solid He targets with high stability for nuclear reactions, Godinho, V.; Ferrer, F.J.; Fernandez, B.; Caballero-Hernandez, J.; Gómez-Camacho, J.; Fernández, A., ACS Omega, 2016 (1), 1229-1238

7.Nanoporous Pt-based catalysts prepared by chemical dealloying of magnetron-sputtered Pt-Cu thin films for the catalytic combustion of hydrogen, Giarratano, F.; Arzac, G.M.; Godinho, V.; Hufschmidt, D.; Jiménez de Haro, M.C.; Montes, O.; Fernández, A.; Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2018, (235), 5, 168–176

8.The nanostructure of porous cobalt coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering in Helium atmosphere. Lacroix, B.; Godinho, V.; Fernandez, A., Micron, 108 (2018)49-54

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10.Low gas consumption fabrication of 3He solid targets for nuclear reactions, Fernandez, A.; Hufschmidt, D.; Colaux, J.L.; Valiente-Doblon, J.J.; Godinho, V.; Jimenez de Haro, M.C.; Feria, D.; Gadea, A.; Lucas, S., Materials and Design, 2020, 186, 108337