3DScavengers in media

7TV Andalucía

Interview to Javier Castillo

7TVAndalucia interviewed Javier Castillo, PhD Student of the 3DSacvengers team, about the CicCartuja – Ebro foods Award for his article published in Advanced Materials. During the interview, Castillo explained the progress that these new results represent to improve the energy efficiency of the screens.

7TV Andalucía

Interview to Xabier García

7TVAndalucia interviewed Xabier García Casas, PhD Student of the 3DSacvengers team, about the CicCartuja – Ebro food Award for his article published in Nano Energy journal entitled Plasma engineering of microstructured piezo – Triboelectric hybrid nanogenerators for wide bandwidth vibration energy harvesting



“In the future it will be possible to recharge the mobile with the energy that we generate when walking or talking,” the principal investigator of the 3DScavengers project told the ABC newspaper in an interview. With these words, Borrás explained one of the main objectives of this European project.


7TV Andalucia

The principal investigator of the 3DScavengers project, Ana Isabel Borrás,  participated in the program ‘Espacio Innovación’ on 7TV Andalucía in which she presented the project and its future applications to the industry.


Financiación e investigación

Ph.D. Ana Isabel Borrás presented ERC Grant 3DScavengers to Society for Scientific Advancement. 


Hablando con científicos

Ciencia.es interviews in this podcast to the PI of the 3DScavenegrs, Ana Borras, about the design of devices to capture residual energy from the environment.


Energías Renovables

3DScavengers is one of the 40 projects in which the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) participates with the aim of moving towards a clean energy system and reducing emissions.


Selection criteria

Ph.D. Ana Borras was nominated as AcademiaNet member


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