RIVA 2021

Xabier García-Casas presented a poster entitle  ‘1D and 3D hybrid nanomaterials fabrication for energy harvesting’ and explained on functional core@multishell structures for energy harvesting devices in the Iberian Vacuum Conference (RIVA 2021).

This conference is a joint meeting of the Portuguese Vacuum Society (SOPORVAC) and the Spanish Vacuum Society (ASEVA), and follows the series started in Braga, Portugal, in 1988, with itinerating location between Portugal and Spain. The main goal of this conference is to cover the fields of vacuum and its applications, hosting fundamental and applied sciences under a common umbrella.


3Dscavengers team members presented the work ‘Core@shell nanoarchitectures as building blocks for single and hybrid energy harvesters’ in the Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy (MCARE 2021) organized by The American Ceramic Society and its new Energy Materials and Systems Division. The meeting was combined with the 4th Annual Energy Harvesting Society Meeting (EHS 2021).

 This congress is a premier forum to address opportunities of emerging material technologies that support sustainability of a global society. The aim is bringing together leading global experts from universities, industry, research and development laboratories, and government agencies to collaboratively interact and communicate material technologies that address development of affordable, sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and renewable energy conversion technologies.

MRS Spring 2021

3Dscavengers team members presented two works in the 2021 Virtual MRS Spring Meeting organised by the Materials Research Society from 17-23 April 2021:  ‘Plasma Nanoengineering for the Development of Hybrid Piezo and Tribonanogenerators’ and ‘Remote Plasma Assisted Vacuum Deposition of Functional Organic and Polymeric Layers for the Development of thin Film Piezoelectric Nanogenerators and UV Piezotronic Detectors’.

The 2021 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit is the key forum to present research to an interdisciplinary and international audience. It provided a window on the future of materials science, and offered an opportunity for researchers to exchange technical information and network with colleagues.


Members of the 3DScavengers team participated in the International Conference on Advances in Energy Harvesting Technology (ICAEHT 2021) from 18-20 March. They made an oral presentation entitle ‘Semitransparent ITO nanostructured electrodes synthesized by plasma and vacuum one-reactor configuration’. Besides, they explained their work ‘One-reactor fabrication of multifunctional 3D nanoarchitectures: energy harvesting, wetting and nanosensors’.

The ICAEHT 2021 online conference will feature workshop sessions and keynotes of broad interest and oral presentations covering recent advances in the rich spectrum of topics covered by Energy Harvesting, including new frontiers and challenges such as nonlinear dynamics, control, thermoelectric, triboelectric harvesters, materials and storage.

iPlasmaNano XI

3Dscavengers team members are part of the organizing Committee of iPlasmaNano XI conference. The 11th international conference on plasma nanoscience will continue the main themes of the conference series, from the fundamental science to applications of low-temperature plasmas, ion beams, lasers, and related approaches and its relation to the fabrication, synthesis, modification, and integration of nanoscale materials, structures, and functional devices. The conference also welcomes talks on how plasmas interact at the nanoscale and outstanding applications of plasmas in energy, environment and life sciences.

Come join us at iPlasmaNano XI at Barceló Costa Ballena Golf and Resort 26-30 September 2021

IndTech 2020

Ana Borrás was invited to participate at the Industrial Technologies Conference IndTech2020 co-organised by the European Commission and the German EU Presidency that will take place in Mainz from the 26-28 October 2020.

IndTech2020 provides a platform for stakeholders from research organisations, industry and policy-making to discuss future trends, technological challenges and the further steps required in order to shape and strengthen future European industrial and research policy in the field of key enabling technologies such as nanotechnologies, advanced materials, biotechnology and advanced manufacturing under the considerations of socially fair transition to a sustainable and green economy.